StarWater Wednesdays

StarWater Wednesdays is more of a life-practice or a concept than merely an event.  Over the last 4 years, we have allowed the Bohemian Energy of our community to guide our Pirate Ship into the vast unknown of every week with a trust is poetry as our primary law, and music as our only anthem!  We encourage you to board our ship with your journal in hand, and your smile at the helm!  Knew rEvolution's Open Mind Open Mic is sure to spike your excitement and we guarantee it won't take long before you find yourself quite at home with that microphone in your hand.  As we gear up for festival season, you will land face-to-face with some of the edgiest and non-conforming up-and-coming musicians of the front range and beyond.  

If you are a musician and you are interested in performing at this event, please contact for more info about booking.  

We also feature local craft and food vendors, as well as live-painters, performance artists, and activist organizations.  If you are interested in being a regular part of this event, sharing your inspired offering - we would love to facilitate a great experience for you! 

This event is held every week at Vision Quest Brewery in Boulder, CO - we ask for a $5 cover to support our promotors and production crew.  The event starts at 7:30pm and goes until 11pm.  Get there early if you want to be a part of the Open Mic!

Upcoming StarWater Productions