Beverage Alchemy

Our alchemy begins with the water we use.

All drinks are prepared with the intentions of Love, Revolution, and Epic Expression. We gratefully receive water from a crystalline natural source in the Rocky Mountains, and with every pitcher we heat, a prayer for Peace is spoken. Bringing prayer into our practice can be considered controversial, but it is done in an inclusive way, giving space to participate behind our counter with your own unique interpretation of what Prayer really means. Amazing results have revealed themselves time and time again - you almost have to see it to believe it!

We currently work with a team of professionals who have brought their traditional coffee training to a new level by engaging in these alternative methods.  The energy of our events produces highly engaged interactions, without the feeling of inebriation or disassociation. Truly, through the vehicle of our Elixirs and fine coffee beverages, we invite you to heal with us so that we may all become more clear in our intent with ourselves and with each other. 

Coffee Magick

The StarWater Elixir Bar is an elaborate café that serves Ozo Coffee Roasters organic coffee, prepared and presented with respect and reverence.  Our mission is to infuse magick into the experience of enjoying a fine coffee or tea beverage - we are not about hype, we're about Presence.  This is where the conversation can really begin. 

Through our bar, we serve French press and cold brewed coffee, yerba mate, and a rotating selection of chai, as well as basic herbal teas. We offer the best of up-and-coming products on the market to our artists, creative thinkers, activists and enthusiasts.  When we set up our full bar, we feature fine espresso beverages and many rotating brands of Organic Alternative Milks and Chocolate.  Our menu is determined by sponsorships and we are always looking to expand relationships with up-and-coming brands who want to be represented in our unique art installation cafe.  

As we continue to grow this vision, we look forward to deepening our Coffee Magick Training Program.  Now is a great time to engage with us as we seed our unique methods, we are always excited to make connections with inspired coffee professionals - we believe in the power of synchronicity, if you've found us here, why not reach out and see what could unfold!