Elixir Experience

this experience has to do with hydration, health, and interaction.

We refer to our beverages as Elixirs on the basis that Water is the Elixir of Life, and all of our beverages start with water. Our unique offerings seek to bring attention to the complex yet subtle energetics of many varying brews and potions. We have established relationships with some of Boulder's best alchemists as we develop a more elaborate Elixir Program, and we look forward to sharing Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha, Roselena Alchemy, Shine Potions, Ish's Brew, and many more as our Elixir mission evolves!

As herbalists, we are aware that each of us has different needs at different times.  It's not about pushing any one type of beverage, but to be present to our patrons for the unique needs that may change in any given moment.  We maintain a range of options from many different tea companies, as well as bulk herbs to create your own personal blends on the spot.  We make our own blends as well as hand pick existing blends from the plethora of organic options that exist from companies such as Vibrant Souls, Organic India, Yogi Teas, Sun Garden, and more!


Beyond the gentle offering of herbal teas, we specialize in the eclectic preparation of Yerba Mate, a stimulating South American beverage, with antioxidants at a much higher level than green tea. Mate offers an uplifting sense of wakefulness without the same side-effects as caffeine. This tea detoxes, while at the same time offering nutritive value due to the complex mineral make up of the plant. Many have described an almost psychedelic effect when Mate is consumed in conjunction with Dancing. We encourage our event participants to enjoy mate during our all-night dance experiments! Our prime sponsor over the years of developing our cafe has been Guayaki Yerba Mate.


Our specialty comes when we unveil the love we have for our favorite herb of all – coffee!  We work with basic extraction processes at our smaller events - though our full expression exists when espresso is integrated.  When we have an espresso machine hooked up at our larger events, many would be amazed to learn of the details we must account for to ensure a successful latte! Many of our events are outdoors or at a venue that doesn't normally host complex coffee equipment, so we bring our options on a case-by-case basis.  No matter what the extraction process, we encourage presence in all brew methods, with an emphasis on personal intention.  Our goal is to invite a deeper perspective than simply 'what does it taste like?' Let’s face it, most of us drink coffee because of what it feels like. With this in mind, we seek to bring awareness to coffee as a global resource, which involves conversations of waste management and sustainable practice at all levels. There is much to be acknowledged from the humanitarian side of this industry, and ultimately, coffee is an emotional conduit for all energies that have worked with it, from seed to cup to consumer assimilation. We currently work exclusively with Ozo Coffee Roasters in procuring the best possible beans. Our vision is to offer espresso at every event we host, and we look forward to our evolution as we engage inspired contributions from our growing family!