StarWater hosts a multi-genre line-up of musicians throughout the year, focusing on different styles according to our chosen venue. We have a special love and support for all our musical friends who have chosen to engage in Community Development honoring positive social change. Many of our favorite performers work with us on a regular basis to further the ground-breaking projects of our Collective. We feature our friends in this way hoping to remind and encourage all musicians to Use Their Voices to impact their local communities as leading members of the Movement towards a Just World.


Treaphort cultivates a positive, uplifting and present space through organic electronic sound. Vibrations of meditative patterning bring the listener to a platform of direct experience while maintaining a playfully light vibe.

David DeVine.jpeg

higherglyph - david devine

Davi-D is a producer and versatile DJ who spins house, dub step, trans, EDM, hip hop, classics and world music, with a sprinkling of the latest pop hits. Davi-D has been spinning records in Los Angeles, California and Boulder, Colorado since 2003. Davi-D is also an accomplished drummer, having been featured on seven recorded albums. Using diverse musical genres, David translates his conceptual ideas into rhythmic visions as a solo-producer.

Shaela Noella

Shaela Noella was born in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas in Sonora, California. She was born under the name of Noella Roselena Rainbow Baldonado. She found her singing voice at age 18 chanting to “Great Spirit” through her spiritual practice that invoked the connection to her Native American ancestral roots. The Big Island of Hawaii is a significant place to Shaela Noella. There she began writing songs, sharing her music and discovering the mystic and magic world of Nature Essences. She now shares the healing magic of nature essences through her business Roselena Alchemy.

Shaela Noella’s Music career is new and blossoming. She is working on her second album. Her first CD is Elements of My Heart, which is a mixture of studio and home produced songs.

The Alcapones

Homegrown Ska, Reggae, and Folkadelic tunes inspired by mountain living – The Alcapones is a group from the Front Range, CO area with a mix of vocal and instrumental music that brings a new-school feel to what was made popular in Jamaica during the 1960’s. From raw originals to jazz/ska/reggae fusion, you will find that The Alcapones’ styles continuously inspire your feet on the dance floor. Raise your Spirit and celebrate life like a gangster of love!


Mbanza is the moniker of Boulder Colorado producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Eric SugarSnap Pea. Back in 2011, Eric had full connection with a West African instrument called Kamale N'Goni, and began learning traditional rhythms and studying with teacher Craig Meyers.  Mbanza performs with a Live Band, and also Live DJ set with modern & acoustic West African instruments, mixed in with hiphop/electronic/dub/dance beats produced in Ableton.


Miraja is an Colorado-based electronic music producer & performer. He is renowned for creating energetic soundscapes comprised of broken-beat rhythms layered with hypnotic urban bass, emotive melodies and organic sounds.  When performing live, MIRAJA gently works an audience from a sway and swagger into one vivacious dance floor. Each set is a unique journey that plays and dances with the listener from beginning to end.  MIRAJA regularly performs as a solo artist and also with bass music group Future Simple Project at events all around North America including many festivals such as Sonic Bloom, Symbiosis, Arise Music Festival, Liberate, Photosynthesis, and the Envision Festival in Costa Rica.

Future Simple Project

Future Simple Project is an amalgamation of musical, movement and aerial artists. FSP features audio performers Raja Ananda & Mikey Fisher of the Family Moons Artist Collective, who are often joined by aerial fabric dancers and movement artists from Lunar Fire, Kaivalya and Cosmic Fire. Together they weave a visual sound scape intertwined with pretty melodies, complex rhythms, gripping bass lines and mystifying movement.


Dub'l Dragon is an electronic duo sometimes trio made up of Teresita Hinojosa (Vocals Flutes), Rodolfo Escobar (synth,ableton) and Mateo Homan (Drums, Triggers)

Ginny and the Bridge Burners

We, of Ginny & the Bridge Burners, would love to tell you all about our most humble of beginnings. Unfortunately, We of Ginny and the Bridge Burners are very, very, rarely humble. Half of the band met the way most wayward artist boys in an overly monied town do, kindred, broke, and scrounging for drugs. The rest of us fell into step along the way, one inebriated vocalist stumbling vaguely in the direction of a childhood dream, and one childish.  Lo! We of Ginny and the Bridge Burners were not so much born, as smooshed together by vicissitude and a mutual appreciation for melodious hijinks.

Bridget Law

Things Bridget loves: Good music, Planet Earth, herbs, anything homemade and natural, waterfalls, swimming, old friends, new friends, true friends, talking with my Dad, my family, trees, wildflowers, the ocean, nostalgia, great dresses, history, crying tears of joy, gratitude, Colorado powder (snow), fiddles, banjos, old gibson guitars, memories and LOVE.  She is the fiddle player for Elephant Revival, along with participating in many side projects with the likes of Tierro Lee, Xerephine, and Bonfire.

Intergalactic Radio

Intergalactic Radio is a four-piece band formed in the beautiful foothills of Boulder Colorado that classifies their super danceable music as “Rocktronic-Tripfunk”. On any given night, these guys will fire up their musical warp drive and meld elements of rock, jazz, electronic, trip-hop, reggae, and funk all into one grooving sonic exploration! Between extended improvisational jams, heady vocal samples, and driving grooves IGR will leave you spinning with joy somewhere deep in the cosmos. IGR is exploding onto the musical scene, leaving interstellar stardust in its wake.

Beth Preston

Born in Whittier, California in 1982 to passionately musical parents, she started playing guitar and piano at a young age, and migrating down the coast to Northern San Diego County where she would do most of her growing up, she found great influence in the pulse and beauty of her environment. A migration to the rocky mountains in her young adulthood would bring her to new depths of herself, and new spirit and sound to her songs. Now living in Boulder, Colorado, she has found a great passion for connection and healing of the human heart, which has inspired the wind under the wings of her music. Melodic, magical, emotionally moving, with unexpected funk and fire the music of Beth Preston continues to expand in its captivating soulful undercurrent.

DJ CheChe

Taking DJ /Clowning to the next level with epic glitchy swing beats and a theatrical costume show with props and crazy characters!


The live band TIERRO, delivers a tribal beat, mystic dance experience. Sensual melodies rip into a fusion of earth shaking rhythms that insist you follow, dance, and let go of your inhibitions. Backed up by the legendary drumming skills of Jonny Jyemo , and master bassist Charlie Parker, Tierro's lead guitar stylings conjure up images of Carlos Castaneda, Santana, David Gilmore and Ravi Shankar all with a beat you can't stop dancing to!

Wilson Harwood

Wilson Harwood launched his solo career in 2015. Not afraid to bend genres, Wilson has been drawing on a diverse array of influences including bluegrass and old-time banjo, blues, soul, funk, Afro-pop and Americana. Wilson’s latest work incorporates banjo, guitar, ukulele and voice, making use of live looping, instrument changes, and layered vocal harmonies to create the rich sound of a full band with just one person, even when performing live solo shows.

Brandon Love

I often find myself thumping piano keys, clapping, snapping, and slapping anything that makes for a good rhythm, singing, playing didgeridoo, melodica, jaw harp, nose flute, and after a long endeavor of producing strange sounds with my mouth (usually by myself in my car, to avoid annoying the hell out of someone) I discovered that I wasn't actually a complete lunatic blubbering at the mouth, but rather practicing the strange art of "beat-boxing". Collaborating sounds with others is one of the most joyful, fulfilling, and healing experiences that I know of. And through making music together, we can all feel a bit more justified in our bizarre fetish of playing with a montage of different toys that send tantalizing vibrations into our ear holes.