StarWater Baristas Make Magick!

Over the years, we have been blessed to work with many skilled coffee professionals from many different companies, but none quite compares to the support we've received from Ozo Coffee Roasters.  Ozo is a Boulder-Based roasting facility that runs many cafe locations in Boulder and Longmont, Colorado - as well as provides beans to a vast array of shops throughout Colorado.  With the help of Ozo's generous and consistent coffee sponsorship, we have been able to train our team and grow our unique vision. 

StarWater Elixir Bar empowers the individual who honors Magick as inherent, and who has chosen to traverse our realms of Beverage Alchemy.  With Ozo's support, we've been able to engage skilled coffee professionals in an environment of art and collaboration that is unparalleled in the industry!  This has aided in forming a crew of unique, educated, and attuned Baristas who travel with us, sharing the magick of coffee with all our patrons. 

As we embark upon another year of festival cafes, we will be taking our outreach beyond our local Colorado community, seeking to bring another level of diversity and awareness to our Deck. 

If you are someone who loves art and music - as well as crema retention and grind consistency, StarWater may be a place you can expand your creative coffee purveyance.  Our audience consists of festival patrons and connoisseurs of life, and our Baristas come together to serve in these eclectic environments, pushing the boundaries of standard cafe presentation to make way for what can only be described as Real Magick!  

StarWater Elixir Bar - Where the Shots Pull Sideways!