StarWater Collective seeks to integrate radical self-expression with heart-felt community interaction.  

Join us Weekly for StarWater Wednesdays @ Vision Quest Brewery!

StarWater encourages you to Create Magick in your Community - thru Art, Activism, Poetry, and Music!

starwater experience

StarWater brings an energy that uplifts any event.  We are a community of engaged activists, artists, and revolutionaries who are devoted to bringing Sacred Celebration into the forefront of our Artistic Family.  Call upon StarWater to raise intention, aesthetic, and of course, the BASS - to any gathering!

Community gatherings

The StarWater Collective hosts a weekly event featuring our Open Mind Open Mic as well as rotating up-and-coming talent from across the nation.  We invite you to join in the Magick with us as we generate Live Experiences on Planet Earth!  Let it Be More Epic!

private celebrations

StarWater Magick Productions is available for many unique and sustainable gathering purposes.  We specialize in survival skill-based artist approach and are a well-rounded community of professional contractors, service providers, leaders, organizers, and facilitators. We are committed to bringing a raised vibration to our family thru activism and purpose, allowing Celebration to Nourish our Hearts and Activate our Minds!

StarWater Legacy

The StarWater Legacy is being written in every moment!  We are the dreamers of the dreams and the ones who will make legendary our message.  With the help of our wonderful media friends, we have been able to document the magick - here is but a small sample of the moments which have come to define our Collective!  

If you have pics you'd like to see here, please send them to us - with all necessary credits expressed - and we will stream/link your work to our site!  

Primary credit  for current stream goes to Carl Hogg and Shaunti LallyiAm @ STiL Focus Media