Working with the Djedi Admin Team will help you feel in alignment with the truth that you are the hero in your own the story.  

Djedi Administrative Services introduces a new philosophy into the startup and entrepreneurship space. Our holistic, custom-service based approach empowers companies and individuals with a professional road-map and necessary tools to achieving both intrinsic and extrinsic value from their venture(s). These philosophies, practices, and principals will serve you and your professional career for a lifetime.

Working with Djedi Admin has been an immensely clarifying experience! Schuyler and his team brought a level of professionalism into our Collective, as well as follow through and integrated creativity! StarWater looks forward to more integration as the chapters progress, and our Gratitude for these services is unending!

Through Djedi Admin, Schuyler Van Sickle and his team are dedicated to helping its clients become ever more successful and streamlined in their businesses.  Contact Schuyler (pronounced Skyler) to learn more about Djedi Admin.