StarWater Wednesdays

StarWater Wednesdays is a weekly event that happens in Boulder, Colorado at Vision Quest Brewery. We host an array of creative artists including musicians, painters, and dancers. Each week we feature a rotating line-up of headliners as well as our Open Mind Open Mic. During the months of April and May we audition musicians seeking to play any of our stages at the festivals we work with over the summer. Most prominently these stages include the StarWater Stage at Sonic Bloom Music Festival, also StarWater Stage and Pirate stage at Arise Music Festival. Winners will be announced early June, 2019.

Every week at Vision Quest Brewery in Boulder, CO 7:30pm - 11:30pm - $7 cover to support our production crew.  

The purpose of this event is to continuously stoke the fires of our conscious and evolving creative community. We call together like-minded individuals who believe that sharing their voice will help to build a Better World. We are an year-round active Collective of Creative Professionals, working closely with our teams to build safe containers for participants to cultivate their talents around the mic and other forms of expression.

We also feature local craft vendors and food trucks, as well as live-painters, performance artists, and activist organizations. Email if you’d like to come set up with us!

If you are a musician interested in performing at this event, please fill out the form below.  We are now booking for the months of June-August 2019.

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”StarWater, one of the more active intentional groups within the larger Boulder/Denver and Arise Music Festival community, curates a weekly space for members to gather, fully express, and experience their creativity. To me having an inspirational community like StarWater in my life is extremely important to my growth.” - Schuyler, Djedi Admin