StarWater Collective

The StarWater Collective is made up of artists, musicians, activist, and empowered community members who believe that we are Stronger when we work Together.  We are based out of the Colorado Front Range, primarily Boulder and Denver.  As a Collective, we maintain steady connection to a variety of organizations focused on Event Production, Conscious Life-Style Practice, and Art/Music/Poetry Culture.  We co-create with our Affiliates in a way that invites many styles and intentions.  We are guided by an intuition to Heal thru Art, and work together throughout the year to inspire each other to fulfill our dreams in these ways.  

Our Collective engages many varying modalities and inspired co-creators to establish the Community we truly wish to see. We invite conscious entrepreneurs and talented artists to hold leadership within our group, serving as facilitators and mentors. We also invite people to plug in as Crew, helping to carry out our many varieties of events, projects, and collaborative revolutionary endeavors. 

If you are an organization interested in becoming a Collective Affiliate, please consider the ways we could support each other in our growth and exposure.  We are always excited to look into new opportunities, let's set up an in-person meeting and forge a connection!  

If you are called to participate with us, we encourage you to explore the options and get in touch. We are excited to meet you!

Mni Wicahpi - StarWater is People! Mni Wiconi - Water is Life!