Zoë Clare is FIERCE LE FEY

Zoë has been writing poetry from the moment she learned the existence of 'poetic license'.  With the support and inspiration of many language teachers throughout her formative years, she has been pushing grammatical boundaries, making up words, and setting her life to the tone of a constant metaphor.  She has self-published 3 compilations of work,"Growing Up Bored - 2005", "Poetry the Size of My House - 2007", and "Transubstantiation - 2009".  Most recently, you'll find her words wrapped in the mysteries of Sound Design.

2017 will bring another evolution to the artistic presentation of Fierce and her Faerie Company - diving deeper into sound design as a force of expression.  As ambient scapes through uncharted territory unravel intentions into divine intervention, you will find Zoë step aside and allow her alter-ego to spread light upon the stage.  

Fierce le Fey on Facebook - which is not the most relevant place to find her!!