Lavender Fields is a self-identified "Lavendub" artist, inspired by numerous pre-existing genres from classical to reggae. Lavender Fields attempts to send positive messages through her music and does so stunningly in her song "7th Generation". Drawing inspiration from the Native American belief that we should make decisions that will be positive for the next seven generations following us, Lavender Fields encourages listeners to make a positive impact on our earth. "7th Generation" and two other tracks are soon to be released on Lavender Fields' debut EP on February 24th. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the project and I left it on repeat for quite some time. Lavender Fields' sound is haunting and powerful but also playful and soothing. Each track is has a strong core sound sprinkled with whimsy; the complexity provides an immersive auditory experience. It is almost as though your ears are exploring through a wonder-world of sounds with the mostly-loyal kick and snare as their tour guides. Mackenzie Tucker,