StarWater envisions a more creative and connected world through the fusion of artistic expression and intentional gathering.

Our community is engaged through conscious event production and beverage alchemy, creating outlets for artists, musicians and entrepreneurs to connect with and inspire one another.

The StarWater movement is a container that gives rise to a more refined, forward thinking community. Our intention is to spark the revolution within your heart and mind, causing you to make, do and be all that you are.


During the summer of 2007, the first installment of this journey began what would soon take on a life of its own. We introduced ourselves to the community as the “Soul Mate' Bar and Lounge” - our scene was simple – a mate' bar, stage, elaborate altars, all-encompassing decor, and a team of Epic Contributors – ready to serve and trust and thrive together! This set the tone for a vast and unforeseeable future. Since then we have evolved from a Concept to a Circus and into a full-force Movement. With the decision to evolve our name - StarWater officially began in 2010. This involved the concerted participation of many powerful individuals. There was a clear mission to Revolutionize the Party Scene, and a clear expression of exactly what needed Curing - and so we began to Pray. Our circle continued to pulse and grow with intention, as we poured our hearts into every gathering that we held. There were moments of expressed other-worldly occurance, fueling the Core of our Vision into what became solid manifestation. Suddenly, there were a vast number of cups and shelves available – this opened many doors. With straight forward strides, opportunities for collaboration began unfolding. Festivals such as Syntonic by Family Moons, Tribal Vision in Taos, NM, and Desert Rocks in Utah - requested our Magical and Curious presence.

Something else seemed to be stirring in the ethers as we approached the Mysterious Portal known as Dec. 21, 2012. On this Mayan Day of Alignment, many of us did not know what to expect other than what we chose to make of it. Suddenly the obvious action was revealed – we must Host an Event. Luckily, other strong members of our Celebration Community had similar ideas. Indeed, we needed to come together. The whirling began without question, and the result created a true and impacting Vortex into another world – one where we truly can and are working together to further creative impulse. It was from this vortex that the Arise Music Festival was born, and with the incredible support from all involved with this event, The StarWater Experience took on a new form.

Since the Day of Alignment, we have been gratefully cascading along as our deepest visions come to fruition. We are doing the work of cosmic certainty – bringing reverence back into the haphazard party. We are trusting our ancestral connections and surrendering to the experience of allowing our Ego to be dissolved into True Purpose. Every character has a Role in our Movement, and every Story has a wanting need to be released. We allow that to occur through acknowledgment of vulnerability – we step into our strongest self and Allow Real heART to just Be... Epic!