The Collective is YOU!

As we come into focus with our personal mission, the obvious next step involves witnessing and receiving those around you.  We grow when we learn to work together and test theories of existence upon the Masterpieces of our Brothers and Sisters.  We are the creative force, combined to change the old paradigm.  Collective Productivity is truly hinged on your willingness to show up.  I find that life teaches me these things very starkly - there's no way I could escape the inevitable lesson of every moment.  Over the last year I have been faced with many challenges and have found myself regularly back at the same wishing well.  Turns out, we are the mycelium that is composting the waste into fuel.  It is our interaction at its core that is healing the wound.  Can you feel it?  The way we are made anew as we churn thru perceptions learning to own what is ours?  On a collective level, I am inspired regularly - and beyond belief!  Fighting with Facebook is futile, yet somehow I believe we have other options.  So I am going to take advantage of this platform, and I hope you will too!  We will begin publishing thought-provoking and heart-felt expressions, once a week - with preference to those who choose to show up to StarWater Wednesdays and share their piece aloud!  We encourage you to focus your intrigue and your message, as if to convey the most potent morsel to the least suspecting person.  In so many ways we can stoke this fire - bring voice to the spaces beyond keystroke and straight into the heart!  I am less and less interested in the Facebook Template, digging deep into the creative possibilities seeking ways to promote beyond The Feed.  So on that note I seek your participation, let's see who's listening, remembering - let's start the world's coolest thread! In Gratitude - ZOË CLARE, 1-9-2017