The StarWater Festival Experience

Are you StarWater experienced?

Over the years, StarWater has been known to bring an energy that uplifts any event.  We offer aesthetic presentation that calls our attendees to Presence, literally. Displaying a rotating variety of local art, we bring exposure to many up-and-coming individuals. We call upon the healing forces that exist in our friends. We specialize in creating an art-installation cafe that serves delicious and stimulating beverages and are always interested in the new and unique potentials of each individual event.  We are a team of production and beverage professionals devoted to the Experience of Community, Intentionally.  We invite Inspired Contribution through a model that exemplifies the activated and enlightening side of everyone. We challenge ourselves to Be the Magick that we are asking to see!  

What results is an Experience that can only be described as one word – StarWater.