Festival Chef @ ARISE 2019

Festival Chef is proud to team up with Arise and StarWater to bring you “The Stellar Sanctuary”.

Open for

Breakfast (8-10am) - Lunch (12-2pm) - Dinner (6:30-8:30PM)

each day of the festival !



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Please be very clear and specific about your personal dietary restrictions so that we can prepare and serve you in the most nourishing way.
Full Meal Plan is $70 Breakfast served 8-10am, Lunch served 12-2pm, Dinner served 6:30-8:30pm Partial Meal Plan is $10/per plate
Friday Meals
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We value engaged, mature, positive, and integrated communication in and around the StarWater Zone. Festival Chef presents "The Stellar Sanctuary with StarWater" after many years of collaboration and shared attention to a Core Value System. We invite you to join us in a Sacred and Safe Space, to rejuvenate and socialize with fellow Festival Production Professionals. Please take a moment to commit to the following guidelines while sharing in our space during Arise Festival 2019.
Not Joking...

Note*Filling out the form does not = confirmation. Payment must accompany the form to complete the process.

Please make PayPal Payment to festivalchefmealplans@gmail.com before July 29, 2019

Festival Chef’s “Stellar Sanctuary” is sure to replenish and inspire you to bring your best self to the event - and likely make new friends behind-the-scenes. This Zone will have a Crew-Only entrance at the end of Hemp Village, a newly-created Corridor with a Festival Chef Wrist-Band check point for all who have signed on to the meal plan. This option is being offered specifically to Crew of the Arise Music Festival, in an attempt to build Community through shared meals.

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