Mike Wird

Mike Wird the 33rd Octave is the artist's artist. A Hiphop Renaissance Man, performing live since the year 2000 he is well versed in all creative expressions/elements of the globally reckognized Universal Hiphop Kulture, as a producer/emcee, in 2001 the independent underground release of Universal Devices was of his first contributions to a Hiphop musical work of art w/ Denver based crew, Bugaboo a staple conglomerate rockin shows in the local scenes and buzzing overseas in Europe(Amsterdam) through out the 90's and early 2000's. Since, Wird has collaborated and performed with numerous world-renowned, culturally minded artist, his work credited on several projects and stages rocked far and wide. His potent message, provocative music and powerful stage presence have ensured Wird as a mainstay in modern music culture.

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