Training and Consultation

StarWater offers consultation to those interested in learning more about Beverage Alchemy and the Magick of Intentional Brewing. We encourage individuals to step into their curiosity and feel empowered to explore conversations of Spirit where there is also Substance. We will be hosting a plethora of informative workshops in the upcoming months, join our Mailing List to be included in these opportunities!   Here's a little taste of what you can expect from one of our sessions.

StarWater Magick Coffee Training

StarWater Magick Coffee Training presents a scientifically founded perspective on coffee education via terms more commonly associated with Magick. We invite those interested in working at StarWater to recognize how  personal stories and egoic processes play a part in how we are or are not available to assimilate logical information.  In any typical coffee training approach, you may be asked to leave your personality at the door.  With StarWater, we focus on learning valuable skills to transmute all forms of energy into positive growth opportunities, making more space for more clear transmission of intention through the vehicle of beverage alchemy. We focus on the delicate experience of clearing personal attachment to make way for the intricate process of offering your prayers through service-oriented sacred libations.

As humans, we are made up of mostly water, and the molecules are impressionable first and foremost by our subtle energetic intentions. Our Beverage Alchemy training starts here, as we are truly taking responsibility for the foundation we create as we engage with our community.  Magick is indeed something we work with on a daily basis, whether we realize it or not. From this perspective, we introduce further information regarding the elements, and varying forms of life force worked with in the realms of liquid intention.

We are truly Jedi Baristas, highly developed in human reflex and direct with our language, both spoken and unspoken. We offer our community a solid and in-tact energetic, determined to break through walls instilled by a stalled society. We bring the Revolution into our Job Description, and hold our fellow Soulutionaries to a high standard. We engage with the full intention and knowledge that our actions and choices impact the entire planet, in both tangible and subtle ways. We offer our community an opportunity to Stand Strong Energetically, for purposes beyond our immediate gratification, but obvious in their impact, as we have all witnessed the truth in these movements.

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