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StarWater and Knew rEvolution present "Symposium"

Symposium is a seed that is cracking open two sides of one plant - music and poetry. This cracking open is indicative of consciousness expanding and evolving into a new paradigm of thought-creation-economics-and-transmission. Symposium is the breaking down of barriers between written and spontaneous - word and music - conversation of individuality and collective informing itself. Symposium as an artistic expression is a reflection of the beginning of the breakdown, dismantling, and reconstruction of all illusive devices.

Each night we will feature the published poets of Boulder Weekly's Creative Writing section, starting at 7:30pm. Symposium starts at 8:30pm, you will have 5 minutes to share your work backed by our House Band. This is a musical-poetry-community event, your participation is what creates our community!

Bring your words to our stage! Sign up is @ 7:30 pm.

$5 at the door.

Join us at StarWater Satellight in North Boulder 4949 #117